Which industries commonly use bogmats?

Bogmats are versatile, sturdy timber mats that can be used for temporary ground protection, access roads and pedestrian walkways. They’re safe, cheap and have little intrinsic value – so there’s usually no impact on your site insurance.

All of this gives them widespread appeal across a range of industries and sectors. You can find out more in the Sectors section of the Timbermat website, but we’ve summarised some of the most common examples below.


Civil Engineering

Civil engineering works such as road and bridge building often take place in locations with poor existing transport infrastructure, especially in the area immediately around the job site.

Heavy duty mats can provide safe access for personnel and vehicles, as well as create large staging areas for materials.



All of the above can also apply to construction sites. Here the job typically involves building private property rather than public infrastructure, but access and staging areas are still needed.

With bogmats to hire as well as to buy, we supply construction companies with the ground protection mats they need to keep building sites safe, clean and well organised.


Crane Access

Heavy mobile crane vehicles need safe access routes. Bogmats help to spread the load of heavy equipment, and can demarcate a route where it has been confirmed that there are no hidden threats below ground (e.g. old buried tanks and other void spaces).



Energy infrastructure again combines construction and heavy engineering works, so for the reasons already discussed, timber mats can be a great way to prepare and protect the ground, minimising the amount of ‘putting right’ needed once work is completed.


Festivals & Events

Events that are open to members of the public pose specific challenges. Interlocking pathway mats are a quick and easy way to create designated walkways, and can reduce the risk of festival sites becoming a muddy quagmire the moment it rains.



Forestry work can require access to remote locations, often over uneven ground that has not been fully prepared for vehicular access. A simple timber mat access road is often all you need to improve safety and avoid delays to work.



Pipeline installation and maintenance is another example of heavy engineering work in remote areas. Cheap bogmats can cover large areas and long access roads to get materials and equipment to where they need to be.


Solar & Wind Farms

Finally, solar and wind farms need materials – which may be delicate photovoltaic panels or very heavy wind turbine parts – to reach rural renewable energy sites. An even access road using Timbermat bogmats can reduce the risk of damage en route, to keep new renewable energy installations on time and on budget.

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