Industrial mats offer grip, safety and comfort

Our industrial mats provide a physical barrier between the ground and the people or vehicles passing over it, but they are much more than just ground protection mats, with characteristics that provide a range of benefits particularly suited to industrial areas.

Safety and preservation on construction sites

As ground protection mats, they still offer the physical defence for the ground surface below, preventing exposed earth from turning into mud, helping to combat any risk of contamination, and keeping rugged industrial vehicle tyres from churning deep grooves into the ground.

But they don’t just protect the ground; they also provide a smooth, stable surface for vehicles and pedestrians above, with a high-grip upper layer to make sure tyre treads can find purchase, and to reduce the risk of people on foot slipping due to muddy conditions.

Many industrial mats have extra safety features, such as the familiar yellow and black chevrons along their edges, and these not only help to highlight the edges of the mats for people stepping on to temporary pathways or vehicles joining temporary roadways, but also improve visibility of defined routes and of where the ground is protected.

Finally, an often-overlooked application of industrial mats derives from their cushioned design, as some timber mats are specifically designed to absorb and dissipate shock forces, making them more comfortable underfoot for pedestrians working in the area for a long period of time.

Multiple mats can be placed adjacent to one another to create a continuous smooth surface free from trip hazards, and ideal to compensate for ground surfaces that are already uneven or suffer from minor dips and ruts.

Industrial mats can also offer resistance to chemical spills, with ground protection mats for industrial areas available in a range of different materials that will be able to cope with chemical contact, allowing the spill to be cleared up quickly and without contaminating the surrounding land.

For all of these applications, as well as any environment where a rugged temporary roadway or temporary pathway is needed, industrial mats offer an excellent combination of strength and other features, protecting the ground, people and vehicles all at once.

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