Timber bog mats keep you safe in summer

Timber bog mats have obvious benefits in winter, when they can cover over wet mud, ground that has frozen into ruts and furrows, or provide temporary roadways over icy ground.

But in the summer months they are an equally important investment, as the subsoil conditions can be deceptive on what looks like a perfect day to get some work done on a construction site or other outdoor job.

Soil settlement

Expansive soils like clay in particular are affected by changes in their moisture content, so in a dry summer they can be much more prone to settlement and subsidence, especially when heavy machinery and vehicles pass overhead.

Much like crane mats spread the pressure of heavy lifting equipment, timber bog mats can make sure the weight of a vehicle is not focused solely on the point of contact between its wheels and the dry ground, making it easier to drive safely over very dry soils.

Flash floods

Timber bog mats might not hold back an all-out flash flood, but they can be used to provide a stable surface over waterlogged ground following a heavy summer shower.

Parched earth in particular can become resistant to water penetration, so any rainfall is much more likely to lead to standing water than if it were to fall on already damp ground in winter; temporary roadways designate a route across active sites and as the timber mats are naturally slightly raised, they can form a kind of boardwalk free from puddles too.

Festivals and events

It’s not just the weather that poses a problem in the summer months, as many venues face a much busier schedule of festivals, sporting occasions and other public events.

Timber bog mats can put in place temporary roadways, pedestrian walkways and even completely covered areas of land using large numbers of ground protection mats.

Used in all the appropriate places, ground protection mats can create a barrier so the surface below is not damaged, reducing the amount of repair work and landscaping that will be needed once the event is over, and allowing you to restore open ground to its former state very quickly just by removing the timber mats.

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