How has Coronavirus impacted the bog mats market?

The Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown hit the UK economy hard, especially those sectors – like construction – that were unable to work from home.

Although some building sites remained open, workers were told to stay more than two metres apart wherever possible, and to make other inconvenient changes to working practices – such as using ladders instead of enclosed lifts to reach upper storeys.

Together with the sites that were unable to operate at all, this has had a chilling effect on the bog mats market in 2020, which has been replicated in many affected countries around the world.

In a report titled Global Bog Mats Market Insights, Forecast to 2026, analysts at QYResearch explain the various roles of bog mats in construction, and how the sector has taken a threefold hit from COVID-19.

“Bog mats are an ideal ground protection solution for creating long-term temporary access roads on to construction sites, and limit the impact on the environment,” the report explains.

“COVID-19 can affect the global economy in three main ways: by directly affecting production and demand; by creating supply chain and market disruption; and by its financial impact on firms and financial markets.”

The financial impact has already been seen with a steep dip in the UK economy during the summer months; however, there is still significant hope that it will bounce back much more rapidly than from a conventional recession such as that of 2008.

With many sectors starting to open back up, albeit with new ‘one metre plus’ social distancing measures in place, demand is starting to return for bog mats and other supplies used across the construction industry and other similar disciplines.

At Timbermat we continue to supply bog mats for sale if you want to secure a supply of your own ground protection mats for upcoming projects, as well as bog mats for hire if you have only a one-off or short-term need.

With activity returning to the construction sector, we will service demand from all our customers to the best of our ability – helping to make sure that the UK economy as a whole can bounce back quickly and strongly from the effects of lockdown.

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