Timbermat pipeline mats help to overcome some of the specific challenges posed by pipeline construction and maintenance work, including site access to remote locations and working on the pipeline itself.

For example, when installing a new section of pipeline or replacing a damaged segment, pipeline skids allow the new pipe to be elevated to the desired height, so that it is supported while the connections are made at either end to permanent support struts.

Pipeline mats can also be used to tackle site problems that are common not only in the energy sector, but also across construction and engineering works in general:

  • Waterlogged and subsiding land.
  • Unstable and uneven ground surfaces.
  • Weak land that needs to support heavy machinery.
  • Staging areas to organise all the materials to be used.
  • Temporary roadways and walkways for personnel to access the site.

Thanks to our range of different sizes, thicknesses and timber types, Timbermat have a good variety of pipeline mats to meet all of these different needs, while giving you the strength profile you need for any traffic passing over the mats on the ground.

Why use timber pipeline skids?

Timber pipeline skids are a convenient option when you need to elevate a section of pipeline during installation or support a damaged length of pipe while disconnecting it from the main line.

Durable hardwood timber mats can be used over and over again without sustaining significant damage, making them ideal for work along the length of a pipeline.

Their standard lifting points make them easy to move into a new position using typical lifting equipment, and multiple mats can be stacked on top of each other to reach the required height.

Because the wood used has little intrinsic value, pipeline skids can be left in place with little risk of theft and no impact on site insurance.

Should I hire or buy pipeline mats?

You can hire pipeline mats and pipeline skids for short-term and one-off projects, for example, if you need to carry out an isolated maintenance job on a single piece of pipeline.

Alternatively, if the project involves the ongoing construction of a long distance of pipeline or you are a contractor who works continually on many different jobs in the sector, you may wish to buy pipeline mats and pipeline skids so you can always have them on hand without warning.

Timbermat’s connections with European and African hardwood timber merchants mean we are able to source sustainably certified beech, oak and tropical hardwood timbers to produce pipeline mats for hire and for sale.

Because of our close working partnerships with timber merchants on both continents, we are able to continue to supply stocks of some of the most in-demand timber mats, including the most durable Ekki mats, which are a good investment option if you carry out particularly heavy-duty engineering work on and around pipelines.

How big are pipeline skids?

Our standard timber mat sizes are 1m x 3m and 1m x 5m. For pipeline skids, this can depend on the length of each section of pipeline and how you want to support it during installation.

For example, our 5m pipeline mats laid across the direction of the pipeline give you some room for manoeuvre if you need to shift the pipe slightly to the left or right to align it with its next connecting point.

We supply hardwood pipeline mats in thicknesses ranging from 70 mm right up to 300 mm, which not only caters for heavy duty workloads but also means you can combine different thicknesses of pipeline skids for a more precise height of supporting platform on the uneven ground.

Speak to us about pipeline mats

You can call us on 08000 12 12 31 with any questions and enquiries about our pipeline mats, and about our general hardwood timber mats suitable for use on construction and engineering sites.

Alternatively, if you prefer to give us the information about your upcoming project in writing so we can give you an even more carefully considered and customised response, you can fill in our online contact form to send the necessary details through to our team.

We welcome all enquiries and will always do our best to recommend the best pipeline mats for your project, drawing on our timber team’s expertise and wealth of experience supplying operators in this sector.

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