Temporary car park matting is a fantastic way to create a designated parking area, whether that’s for commercial vehicles on a job site, or for members of the public to park at a festival or other outdoor event.

By laying temporary car park matting, you not only indicate exactly where it’s appropriate for vehicles to park, but also protect the ground underneath from damage due to visitors driving where they shouldn’t.

You can combine this with temporary roadways to create safe, passable routes for drivers to get to the heart of a rural site, or anywhere else where access is not normally available to standard road-going passenger cars.

Temporary car park matting for sale or hire

Temporary car parks are temporary – the clue’s in the name! And that’s why Timbermat stock temporary car park matting for sale or hire.

If you’re hosting a one-off event or a highly seasonal festival (e.g. annual or biannual concerts) then it’s unlikely you’ll need your temporary car park mats in the intervening 11 months.

By choosing our temporary car park matting for hire, you can get the ground protection you need for the duration of your event, without needing to find storage for it afterwards.

When to hire temporary car park matting

We would suggest you hire temporary car park mats as soon as you start to access the site, whether it’s for a construction project, a festival or any other purpose.

Lay temporary roadways and temporary car parks on day one, so that your own vehicles have a safe, designated route and somewhere to park.

You’ll cause less ground disruption, use space more efficiently with designated, aligned parking bays, and reduce the risk of a vehicle getting stuck or, in severe incidents, toppling over.

To hire or to buy?

We offer great value on temporary car park mats to hire or to buy. If you choose to buy, you should find our timber mats quite easy to move and, because of the low resale value of wood, they should have little to no impact on your site insurance.

Our hardwood timber mats typically offer years of reuse if handled with care, and we’re happy to discuss the qualities of different species of timber to help you choose the best type of ground protection mats for your purposes.

For more information about our temporary car park matting for sale or hire, contact Timbermat today.

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