Ekki (Azobe) Mats – Strong and Durable

Ekki mats are currently the strongest and most durable timber for mats. A Class 1 graded timber with a lifespan of over 50 years even in the poorest of conditions, Ekki is ideal to be used for timber mats in soft wet ground conditions. Due to its popularity and illegal logging the price of Ekki has steadily increased over the years, and it is proving more and more difficult to source. Timbermats Ekki mats were used in the demolition of the Manchester Precinct Centre, which can be seen here.


Ekki Hardwood Mats
Ekki Hardwood Mats

European Oak Quercus Petraea

A fairly hard, heavy and dense timber, with high crushing and bending strength, low stiffness and resistance to shock loads. Ideal for timber mats for light to medium construction traffic. Widely available across Europe and with a durability class 2 rating, and can have an average service life of 15-25 years. European Oak mats are now hugely popular across the UK.

European Oak Hardwood Bog Mats
European Oak Hardwood

American Oak Quercus Alba

American white Oak is a hard and heavy wood, with low stiffness and medium crushing and bending strength. Manufactured into our thicker heavier mats for medium to heavy construction traffic, crane access and outrigger pads. Imported from North America under their SFI certification (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), guarantees the timber has been farmed and exported legally.

American Oak Hardwood Mats.

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