Why are timber mats so important in pipeline work?

Timber mats are a versatile option in all kinds of construction projects, but they hold several advantages particularly for pipeline work, where having a stack of hardwood mats close at hand can help to keep progress on schedule.

Just like in other construction work, timber mats can be used in pipeline work for a range of purposes:

Temporary access roads to remote job sites
Temporary bridges over trenches and waterways
Ground protection against heavy plant tyres and tracks
Vehicle protection against excess mud and soft ground
Stable lifting platforms and outrigger pads for cranes

But they can also be used as pipeline skids to support sections of newly installed pipe until they are permanently fixed in place.

What are pipeline skids?

Pipeline skids allow you to pre-stage the new pipeline during initial construction, as the pipe must normally be put in place first, before permanent supports are added around it.

By stacking hardwood pipeline skids, you can elevate sections of pipe as the line traverses uneven ground and stabilise the pipe so that it does not deform or crack during construction.

The mats can be removed easily once construction is complete and, since Timbermats’ skids are available to hire or to buy, they can then be used again elsewhere on the project, stored for a later date or returned to us.

Why choose timber pipeline skids?

Whether used as pipeline skids or for other purposes like temporary access roads and general ground protection, timber mats offer excellent value and durability.

Timbermat’s pipeline mats have low initial cost and should not impact on your site insurance, as the materials used have little value to potential thieves. Our timber mats are sustainably sourced and fully FSC certified.

We have pipeline skids to hire for short-term and one-off projects, and we supply pipeline mats to buy for companies with an ongoing need for hardwood mats.

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