Product Specifications


Timbermat’s temporary access mats (bog mats) are designed for use in areas that either require protection from heavy plant or poor soft ground conditions. The system we offer is very versatile, and can be used for numerous applications, including protecting grass, hardstanding areas and underground services, or purely for vehicles to gain access over soft ground.

Safety Design

With safety always in mind, our products are designed and manufactured with lifting points placed at either end of the mat. This enables safe lifting when using hooks or chains. Each delivery we dispatch is complete with unloading instructions and company staff contact numbers if further assistance is required.


Our timber mats have no real market value other than the job they are designed for, and can only be removed with heavy lifting equipment. This eliminates the need for security, thus giving our customers peace of mind when away from site.


70mm x 1m x 3mLight/Medium duty
70mm x 1m x 5mMedium duty
100mm x 1m x 5mMedium/Heavy duty
150mm x 1m x 5mMedium/Heavy duty
200mm x 1m x 5m/6mMedium/Heavy duty
250mm x 1m x 6mMedium/Heavy duty
300mm x 1.2m x 6mHeavy duty
Reco-Trac Lightweight Recycled panels (3m x 1m)Light/Medium duty
Emtek Laminated Mats (89mm x 1.75m x 4.9m)Heavy Duty
Emtek Installation GuideHeavy Duty
Emtek Brochure Heavy Duty
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